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Wharf District

The Wharf District was formed during the “Big Dig Project” with the demolition of the Central Artery and creation of the Greenway.

The Financial-Town Cove area joined together with the Waterfront-Wharfs. Together, they became a community  with shared and common interests, goals, and architecture. The history of the area back to colonial times.

About the neighborhood

The neighborhood has businesses both large and small, including institutions like the New England Aquarium. The growing residential population worked with the City of Boston to ensure that this area had its own identity.

This neighborhood includes:
  • City Wharf
  • Long Wharf
  • Central Wharf
  • India Wharf
  • Rowes Wharf
  • Griffin Wharf
  • Independence Wharf
  • Russia Wharf
  • Town Cove, a part of the Financial District east of Post Office Square Park, and
  • the Kennedy Greenway Park Parcels north of Dewey Square and south of the Armenian Park.
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