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Alert: Changes to Mass Ave. bike lanes ahead of snow event

February 8, 2017


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With heavy snow expected tomorrow, the City is removing the flexible delineator posts that mark the separated bike lane on Massachusetts Avenue.

While this will make the bike lane less visible in the short term, it will allow City staff to more easily and quickly clear and restore the path after some of the snow has melted during this storm.  The flex posts will be reinstalled.  

When there is no snow on the ground, the City expects drivers to observe the pavement markings and stay out of the bike lane and buffer area. BTD’s Parking Enforcement staff will ticket vehicles parked in the bike lane. When snow obscures the pavement markings, drivers may not be aware that they cannot park at the curb. The City will monitor the situation and clear the path as soon as possible in conjunction with other snow clearing and removal priorities.

Please note that Massachusetts Avenue is a snow emergency route. If Mayor Walsh declares a Snow Emergency, parking also will be restricted to allow for better snow removal.

For further information about snow removal, parking bans, and other winter resources, please visit To report problems, please call 311 or use the 311 mobile application.