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Applications open for Community Advisory Board for Wetlands Ordinance

This Community Advisory Board will work to development guidelines for the climate resilience, equity, and environmental justice aspects of the Wetlands Protection Ordinance.

The Conservation Commission is committed to enhancing the quality of life in Boston by protecting water and land resources. In 2019, the City enacted a local Wetlands Protection Ordinance (the “Ordinance”) that gives the City greater authority to protect its wetlands. Wetlands in Boston, such as ponds, marshes, swamps, and bogs, are crucial to controlling flooding and protecting Boston's neighborhoods and green space from sea level rise.

We have been developing regulations in three phases. Phase III is now underway and we are looking for residents to apply for the Community Advisory Board to work alongside the City and help develop regulations for the climate resilience, equity, and environmental justice aspects of the Wetlands Protection Ordinance.

Community Advisory Board: Phase III Regulations

The City is assembling a Community Advisory Board (CAB) to help guide the process of developing the third phase of regulations. CAB representatives are key partners. They will help shape an inclusive regulations development and community engagement process. In collaboration with the CAB, we hope to develop regulations that represent community values and objectives.

Some goals and responsibilities of the CAB include, but are not limited to: 

  • providing insight into the social, economic, and cultural impacts of climate change on Boston’s environmental justice populations
  • identifying prior and ongoing work and community feedback that may inform this new project
  • sharing existing resources and maintaining transparency about the process with the broader community
  • helping to determine opportunities for community engagement, collect community feedback, and identify barriers to obtaining feedback, and
  • informing and refining the climate resilience and environmental justice regulations and guidelines to ensure that they reflect and address community priorities.

We are looking for active participation from community members who reflect Boston’s diversity. There are no requirements to apply. We encourage anyone who is interested to submit an application!

Multilingual Application Forms:

More on Phase I and II


Phase I adopted a set of administrative and procedural regulations.


Phase II prioritized developing regulations for land subject to:

  • coastal storm flowage
  • isolated vegetated wetlands, and
  • vernal pools and their habitats.

Regulations are now open for comment.


Phase III is focusing on the Wetlands Protection Ordinance’s integration of:

  • climate resilience
  • equity, and
  • environmental justice.
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