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Black History Boston: Reverend Michael Haynes

Today, we are proud to honor the life and contributions of the Honorable Reverend Michael Haynes, the Conscience of Boston!

Reverend Dr. Michael E. Haynes was born in Roxbury on May 9, 1927. Reverend Haynes graduated from English High School, and earned his Bachelor’s of Theology from the New England School of Theology in 1949. He later received his graduate degree in Mission and clinical services at Shelton College in New York. In 1964, Reverend Haynes became the pastor of the historic Twelfth Baptist Church. From 1965 to 1968, Reverend Haynes represented Roxbury in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Reverend Haynes was also very involved in the Civil Rights movement, and in 1965, he helped plan Dr. Martin Luther’s King’s entrance and pathway when he led a march from Roxbury to the Boston Common, to support school desegregation

Reverend Haynes
Photo Credit: The Northeastern University Archives

For his work and impact on Roxbury, Reverend Haynes received numerous awards, acknowledgements, and honors. The Haynes Early Education Center of Roxbury was named in his honor. He was the first Black person invited to serve on the Berkshire Christian College Board, the first Black person to address the Evangelistic Association and New England Annual Conference, and the only Black American elected as a full delegate to the Lausanne Committee on World Evangelization. Reverend Haynes’ commitment to the historic Twelfth Baptist Church and the youth of Boston has made a huge impact on the Black community of Boston. 

Thank you, the Honorable Reverend Michael E. Haynes, for your life’s work and contributions to Boston!!

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