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The Office of Diversity works to implement the City’s workforce diversity goals.

We work to address racial and gender inequities in the City’s workforce. Our goal is to give those underrepresented in the City more chances for work and advancement.

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1 City Hall Square
Room 603
Boston, MA 02201
United States
Office Hours
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
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Keeping up with Diversity

Participants at the Boston City Insider event
Jun 25

Boston City Insider: A career networking event

Participants at the film and television event
Mar 4

Helping advance diversity in film and television

Participants at the Roslindale Neighborhood Career Fair
Dec 18

Reflecting on our Roslindale Neighborhood Career Fair

Mayor Walsh Greets Professionals
May 1

Looking back on a year of Neighborhood Career Fairs


About our office

Mayor Walsh created the Office of Diversity in 2014. We address racial and gender inequities that exist in the City’s workforce. We do this by:

Being transparent
  • Employee Demographic Dashboard
  • Quarterly and annual reports
Including all City employees
  • Employee resource groups
  • Cultural resources at work
Engaging the community
  • Neighborhood career fairs
  • Partnering with private sector
  • Building a talent pipeline