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Boston Fire holding home fire escape plan contest

This contest is sponsored by the Boston Fire Department and Target for all Boston students in grades 1 - 5.

This is a homework assignment with the purpose of engaging students and their families to have and practice a fire escape plan in the home.  Teachers that submit their student’s work will be entered into a drawing for one of the $100 Target gift cards to purchase miscellaneous classroom supplies. 

In a fire, seconds count. Seconds can mean the difference between residents of our community escaping safely from a fire or having their lives end in tragedy.  That’s why this year’s Fire Prevention Week theme: “Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out!” is so important. It reinforces why everyone needs to have an escape plan.

Students will draw a diagram of their home and show two ways out of every room, (sometimes the second way is a window), they will include the family meeting place outside of the home, and highlight where the smoke alarms are in the home.  Printable instructions are attached.  The link is below for the printable instructions.

The contest is open to all Boston students in public, charter, private, parochial or alternative schools for grades 1-5.  The drawing will take place at 2 p.m. on November 15.  All submissions received by noon on November 15 will be included. All submissions must include a cover sheet including the name and address of the school, grade, teachers name, email and phone number. One submission per teacher will be accepted. 

To submit students' work, contact us:

Fax: 617-343-3696
Mail: Boston Fire Prevention
Attn: Michelle McCourt
1010 Mass Ave., 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02118

You can also drop off students' work at any firehouse in an envelope addressed to:

BFD Department Mail
Fire Prevention Division
Attn: Michelle McCourt

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