Boston SNAP Participants Urged to Create New PINs

The Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) is removing the PINs from SNAP EBT cards of roughly 120,000 participants across the state.

The DTA is removing the PINs from SNAP EBT cards of roughly 120,000 SNAP participants across Massachusetts next week beginning on August 23, 2022, to prevent continued theft of SNAP funds. The PINs are being removed for SNAP participants assigned to the Nubian Square, Quincy, and Brockton DTA offices.

Since thousands of Boston SNAP participants will be impacted, we are recommending all Boston SNAP participants create a new PIN by August 22, 2022, to continue to be able to use their SNAP benefits. If you are a SNAP participant and you don’t add a new pin on your EBT card by August 22, you may not be able to use your EBT card for SNAP or cash until you do.

How to get help with a new PIN:

Call the EBT customer service number: 800-997-2555. For more info on how to re-PIN, including step by step instructions in multiple languages, visit the state's website. Please note: You should not use the same PIN as before, in case it was stolen.

How to report skimming:

To report skimming, contact the staff who handle fraud at DTA by calling 800-372-8399. You can also call the Assistance Line or SAO, or the case manager for TAFDC/EAEDC cases. Visit the state's website to get more information on protecting your EBT card from skimming.

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