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City Council passes BERDO 2.0 ordinance

In May 2013, the Council passed CBC Chapter VII, Section 7-2.2 Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance (BERDO) proposed by Mayor Thomas M. Menino.

BERDO requires that all commercial and residential buildings that are 35,000 square feet or have 35 units or more report their energy and water use to the City of Boston every year.

The purpose of the ordinance was to reduce emissions including greenhouse gases from energy production, encourage efficient use of energy and water, and develop investment in a green economy by requiring the reporting and disclosure of annual energy and water use in all large buildings. The ordinance was updated on May 14, 2014 by former Mayor Walsh with an amendment to extend the reporting deadline from May 15 to September 15, 2014.

Docket #0775, Ordinance Amending City of Boston Code, Ordinances, Chapter VII, Sections 7-2.1 and 7-2.2, Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure (BERDO), sponsored by Council President Pro Tempore O’Malley, which he affectionately refers to as BERDO 2.0, sets emissions targets and reporting requirements for buildings greater than or equal to 20,000 square feet, establishes the Emissions Review Board with community representation to increase accountability and transparency, and establishes an environmental justice Buildings Emissions Investment Fund. The ordinance also includes performance standards for large buildings to decrease carbon targets with flexibility to assist companies in complying.

The Council voted unanimously to pass the ordinance. “Everything I’ve worked on legislatively, this is the most proud I have ever been [...].  We have before us the most impactful decarbonization law that I would argue is anywhere in this country,” said Council President Pro Tempore O’Malley.

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