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City Council Recognizes Epiphany School Day

Epiphany School was founded in 1997 and hosted its first class of students in 1998 with the goal of providing an outstanding independent school education for children who could not otherwise afford it.

For 25 years, Epiphany has stuck to its commitment to never give up on a child and provide abiding support for children and their families beginning at infancy, through college graduation, and into the workforce.

After graduation, many Epiphany alumni return to the school to teach. Epiphany’s Teaching Fellow Program has provided housing and training for young adults committed to urban education.

The Council declared May 12, 2023 as Epiphany School Day throughout the City of Boston, “a day to appreciate the gift in our lives of all our children, especially the most vulnerable, as well as the teachers and families who care for them.”

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