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City Council Recognizes Jewish American Heritage Month

Jewish American Heritage Month was established in 2006 to recognize the Jewish community’s contributions across many different fields, including academics, arts, and science. Jewish American Heritage Month celebrates the long-standing traditions and values that have been passed down generation after generation.

Jewish American leaders have led on many of the most important issues in our nation's history, including advocating for civil rights, workers rights, women’s rights, racial equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and anti-war protests.

The United States has discriminated against Jewish people in years past, including the refusal to allow Jewish refugees to come to the United States during the Holocaust and restrictive quotas at universities. Nationally, there has been an increase in antisemitic hate crimes and Jewish Bostonians are increasingly not comfortable in the neighborhoods they have called home due to antisemitic graffiti.

As we celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month this year, we must acknowledge the disturbing rise in antisemitism across the United States and the globe, which has caused an increase in violence and dangerous rhetoric directed against the Jewish community and especially the orthodox community.

The Council stands against all forms of hate including antisemitism and islamophobia and is committed to standing with Jewish American residents of Boston and the Commonwealth. A resolution was adopted recognizing Jewish American Heritage Month, honoring the contributions of Jewish Americans.

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