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City Council Stands with Sheraton Boston Workers

The Sheraton Boston is managed by Marriott and is the largest hotel in Boston, employing hundreds of employees.

According to recent reports, the new owner of the Sheraton, Värde Partners and Hawkins Way Capital, is considering converting 427 rooms in the Sheraton into dorm rooms.

If this change is allowed, over one hundred employees – primarily women, people of color, and immigrants – would lose their union hotel jobs. During this week’s Council meeting, employees of Sheraton Boston filled the Council Chamber as Council President Flynn and Councilors Louijeune and Fernandes Anderson offered a resolution in support of the workers.

Council President Flynn said, “This resolution will say to the hotel workers that you matter. During this pandemic, you worked hard, you struggled, you sacrificed and you made Boston a city.” He continued, “Now that the pandemic is over, and travel is coming back to the city, what are we going to do? We’re going to cut jobs after the pandemic? That’s not what a world-class city would do. That’s not what a progressive city would do.”

The Council adopted the resolution, calling on hotel owners to reconsider any change of use in order to protect good hotel jobs for Boston residents.

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