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City Council Supports Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers

The Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers (HUCTW) is a labor union made up of more than 5,000 skilled and committed staff working in Harvard’s offices, laboratories, libraries, museums, houses, and clinics.

The slow pace of negotiations has caused frustrations to mount as the current HUCTW contract with Harvard expired September 30, 2022, and they have yet to reach agreement on a new contract.

HUCTW members continue to face ongoing financial instability due to the high prices of rent, food, heat, childcare, and other basic expenses, and it is vitally important that the negotiations produce raises that will allow HUCTW staff to keep up with the high cost of living.

The current round of contract negotiations is the second-longest in Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers’ 34-year history and as the negotiations continue, union members face continued growing financial strain as exemplified by the average rent in Boston increasing by 8.1 percent over the past year according to Zillow.

HUCTW staff have continued to work tirelessly to fulfill Harvard's mission, especially during the pandemic and amid the staffing shortages of the past two years, often taking on additional work on top of their own to cover for unfilled positions.

The Council adopted a resolution in support of HUCTW, urging Harvard University to continue to meet and negotiate in good faith and resolve their ongoing contract negotiations in a timely manner.

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