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City Council Supports The Protection Of Injured Workers

During this week’s Council meeting, the Council adopted a resolution in support of S.1165 “An Act to Protect Injured Workers.”

Nationally, less than 40% of workers who are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits apply for them, according to data from the National Employment Law Project. It is illegal for employers to prevent injured employees from applying for workers’ compensation, but there are no public enforcement mechanisms for those who do.

Employees that want to take employers to court over worker compensation claims are often pressured not to and fear retaliation. This is especially true for immigrants and those who are undocumented.

S.1165, “An Act to Protect Injured Workers,” would empower the Attorney General’s Office to investigate and resolve retaliation complaints. This bill would empower more employees to seek workers’ compensation claims and strengthen anti-retaliation law for workers so they can assert their rights, protect themselves from employer misconduct, retaliation, or any other efforts to deprive them of their compensation rights.

The Council supports the bill and urges members of the Massachusetts Senate to support the measure.

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