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Congratulations 2017 Greenovate Award Winners

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to celebrate Boston’s climate leaders, as well as those who promoted the program, nominated friends and colleagues, and voted for the finalists. We had over 250 people attend last night’s Awards Party, and the evening was filled with celebrating the work that every organization has done in the past year to continue to make Boston a thriving, green city. Below are the final winners, but we are so grateful for the broad range of leadership we have in our city to Greenovate Boston.

Waste Reduction

Boston Building Resources - Mission Hill
Boston Building Resources is a social enterprise in Mission Hill that provides affordable materials, both new and used, for home maintenance and improvements. In addition to buying good-quality used materials that would otherwise have been sent to a landfill, customers can also find expert advice, technical assistance, and hands-on workshops that teach home improvement skills. They have memberships available for low-income residents, and the organization as a whole is a source for energy-efficient, water-saving, and environmentally friendly items such as rain barrels, home compost bins, weather stripping, and materials made from recycled components.
In 2016, the Reuse Center at BBR took in donations of used materials with a fair market value of more than $2 million.
Boston Building Resources was awarded a ‘Green Business’ Greenovate Award in 2008.

Community Engagement

Codman square library seniors organic vegetable garden- dorchester

​​​​​Andrea Burns spearheaded an intergovernmental team --that included Patricia McCormack of the Elderly Commission, Friends of the Codman Square Library, Norfolk Hardware, Home Depot - South Bay, City Councilor Frank Baker, Jim Sheehan of the Boston Park Department, and City of Boston Dream Team-- and was able to build raised organic vegetable beds on land in back of the Codman Square Library for the seniors in the community with a zero dollar budget. In addition to working on the project itself, Andrea Burns fielded a team from Boston Center for Youth and Families, young people, Patricia and the Friends of the Codman Square Library. Through the salvage operation and construction, and the planting of the beds the project displayed an amazing collaboration between interdepartmental cooperation, neighborhood engagement, the support of Codman Square Librarian Janice Knight and the passion and commitment of Carl and Arnetta Baty and other members of the Friends of the Codman Square Library. The beds are still up and waiting for the Spring season to start!

Buildings and Energy

Second church in dorchester- dorchester

Members of Second Church in Dorchester and other community leaders launched Codman Square Goes Solar, an initiative focused on expanding access to solar to low-moderate income homeowners. As part of the 2016 Boston Interfaith Community Solar Project, Second Church in Dorchester recently installed a solar array on their historic church building. Through this program, anyone with a qualifying roof can participate as a solar host for no cost, and receive electricity savings. The coalition is seeking additional homeowners and property owners to sign-up to host solar through the Codman Square Goes Solar initiative and or participate in the Community Solar initiative where additional panels can be added to the church roof for the benefit of the community.

Sustainable Food

urban farming institute- roxbury

UFI supports urban farms, farmer training and an annual conference that attracts 400+ people who are engaged in urban farms. Each year, UFI trains 10 - 20 new farmers, supports 4 farms in low-income neighborhoods, and is building out the historic Fowler Clarke Farm in Mattapan with Historic Boston as a center for fresh food access and education. UFI is creating a land trust, and regularly engages hundreds of residents in farmers markets and training to access healthy food.

Trees, Open Space, and Landscaping

pam sinotte- roslindale

In May 2016, Pam and GreeningRozzie launched The Memory Tree Project. Volunteers are matched with City street trees to care after and water, helping ensure that they reach maturity while also publicly honoring a loved ones by displaying an Memory Tree sign. Thanks to the more than twenty volunteers in 2016, a number of trees that might have succumbed to the severe drought have a good chance of surviving to maturity, helping to reduce the impact of climate change, and beautify the Roslindale community.

As volunteers John and Dorothy (right) have stated: “win/win all around”! The Project is ongoing and the hope is that it will expand to other Boston communities.

Pam has also coordinated volunteers to water 14 trees, planted by GreeningRozzie with a grant from Grow Boston Greener, at the Roslindale MBTA Station.

Sustainable Mobility

green streets initiative- citywide

Green Streets Initiative (GSI) was founded in 2006 to cultivate the car-light movement. For civic and business leaders committed to sustainability, GSI is the volunteer organization that celebrates car-light transportation with concrete, inclusive, and engaging programs which inspire healthy lifestyles and thriving communities.

Our signature event, Walk/Ride Days, is a monthly day of awareness about healthy and environmentally friendly commuting opportunities. Walk/Ride Days take place the last Friday of the month, year round. They encourage individuals, schools, workplaces and communities to meet their transportation needs using healthy and environmentally friendly modes, such as walking, bicycling, or using mass transit.

Since 2012, GSI has conducted an innovative cross-industry competition for workplaces who want to promote sustainability and health, called the Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge. The Challenge competition helps companies meet their sustainability goals, energize employees, and build team spirit. Over 60 companies have taken part, including Dana Farber Cancer Institute, City of Cambridge, and State Street Corporation. By combining specific and easily achieved goals, gentle peer pressure, and a sense of competition and fun, Walk/Ride Days give people positive experiences that lead to immediate and long-term behavior changes. For more information, visit

Climate Preparedness & Resiliency

The trust for public land- downtown

Through partnerships with the City of Boston and the Metro Mayors Coalition, the Trust for Public Land is demonstrating how parks and open space can prepare Boston for a growing population as well as a warmer, wetter, low-carbon future. By planning, funding, protecting, and creating new parks and open spaces that benefit vulnerable populations, The Trust for Public Land is cooling heat islands with new trees, connecting neighborhoods with improved pedestrian corridors, absorbing stormwater with urban farms, and protecting neighborhoods from coastal flooding by promoting new funding sources for coastal resilience. Learn more about the Trust for Public Land’s Climate-Smart Cities program.

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