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Council Celebrates Teachers and Nurses

National Teachers Week and National Nurses Week are both recognized and celebrated in the month of May.

For the last 40 years, the National Parent Teacher Association has recognized the first week of May as “National Teacher Appreciation Week” in order to acknowledge the individuals who passionately dedicate their livelihoods to educating our children.

Teachers serve as important early mentors for children’s development, helping foster their interests and growth into the next generation of leaders. Teachers are asked to go above and beyond when working with students, additionally serving as dedicated advisors, empathetic listeners and overall positive role models.

Like teachers, nurses play a vital role within our city. More than 64,000 registered nurses are employed within the Greater Boston area, providing important essential services to keep our city healthy.

Nurses play an important role in not only providing individuals with care, but also serving as community advocates and educators about health care. With the growing need for nurses, currently employed nurses have become overworked, due to understaffing resulting in each nurse to deal with a high number of patients.

It is so important that we recognize those who make a daily difference and impact on our city. The Council recognizes May 6, 2024 through May 10, 2024 as “ National Teacher Appreciation Week” and recognizes May 6, 2024 through May 12, 2024 as “National Nurses Week.”

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