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Council Supports HERO Act

Last November, Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey filed an act Honoring, Empowering and Recognizing Our Servicemembers and Veterans, known as the HERO Act.

The HERO Act includes 17 comprehensive spending and policy initiatives, tax credits and statute changes that are aimed at improving veterans’ welfare, in the areas of benefits expansion, a commitment to inclusivity and greater representation, and the modernization of Veterans Services.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, between 2018-2022, there are 260,000 veterans living in the State of Massachusetts, and many veterans, who are disabled and aging, have difficulty finding employment and staying employed. These veterans rely on the U.S. Veterans Affairs, EOVS benefits, and the City of Boston Veteran Services to support their needs.

With the proposed HERO Act and its initiatives and changes, this would modernize and bring substantial updates to the benefits, care, requirements that would meet the needs of our veterans today.

A resolution offered by Councilor Flynn states, “We must recognize the challenges our veterans face when returning home and provide them with the necessary health care, support, and resources. Their services and contributions are indispensable to our nation and we have a duty to protect and care for them.”

The Council adopted the resolution, supporting the HERO Act, during this week’s meeting.

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