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The Early Education Act

The Early Education Act, an act ensuring affordability, readiness and learning for our youth and driving economic development, is a bill that would help make early child care more accessible and affordable by reducing tuition costs and increasing compensation for our early educators.

There is a lack of early education teachers in Boston, impacting our ability to offer early education services. According to a recent survey by the City of Boston’s Office of Early Childhood, respondents reported a total of 61 vacant positions as of February 2024, forcing the closure of 10 classrooms representing almost 100 infant, toddler, and preschool seats.

The “2024 Early Education and Care Report,” by Boston Opportunity Agenda and City of Boston’s Office of Early Childhood, found that several factors are causing early educators to leave the workforce, including long hours and stagnant wages.

The bill, passed unanimously by the Massachusetts State Senate, would also expand state subsidies to families to afford child care, expand the number of child care slots statewide, and make permanent monthly payments that go directly to early education and child care providers.

The bill seeks to stabilize early education programs by creating career ladders and increasing salaries as ways to keep early educators in the workforce and make their jobs a long-term career.

This week, the Council adopted a resolution supporting the Early Education Act and urged members of the Massachusetts House of Representatives to support the measure.

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