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Fire safety for seniors and the hearing impaired

View information about two preventative programs for our seniors and hearing-impaired constituents.

Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation Program for Seniors

The Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm Program is designed to increase safety awareness, education and confidence in regards to fire and other safety issues while you remain independent in your home.

Who can request a smoke detector?

This program is provided to residents age 65 and older:

  1. who have limited domestic support, i.e., no access to family, friends or neighbors who can assist, and
  2. who live in their own single family or two family home* in the City of Boston

*Program does not include two family homeowners investment apartment. 

How can I request a detector?

Please contact the Boston Fire Department, Fire Prevention Office, LT Henry Perkins at 617-343-2172 or Firefighter/Inspector Scott Denson at 617-343-2928, or you may email

An Inspector will visit the residence at an arranged time to determine whether new detectors need to be installed or if the current ones will suffice.

Ten-year lithium ion battery operated smoke alarm/carbon monoxide detectors will be supplied (if needed) at no cost by the Boston Fire Department.

Bed Shaker Alarm Program

Do you suffer from hearing loss? Will you hear your smoke alarm?

The Boston Fire Department will install a free bed shaker alarm with smoke and CO detectors to ensure you will be able to respond in the event of an emergency. For installation and additional information, please call 617-343-2172 or email

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