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Happy Haitian Heritage Month!

Haitian Heritage Month is celebrated annually across the globe during the month of May to recognize the rich history, culture, and contributions of Haitians to society, and to promote awareness and understanding of the Haitian-American community.


Haitian-Americans have made significant contributions to the fields of medicine, science, education, and business, among others, and have enriched the fabric of American society with their culture and traditions.

The Haitian Flag, adopted on May 18, 1803, symbolizes the pride, resilience, and spirit of the Haitian people in their fight for freedom and independence, and is now celebrated annually on May 18th worldwide to commemorate Haitian heritage, culture, language, food and history.

This week, the Council adopted a resolution recognizing May as Haitian Heritage Month, and encourages all residents to join in celebrating the rich culture and history of the Haitian community in Boston.

This month, residents can participate in activities throughout the City of Boston that celebrate Haitian culture:

  • Haitian Flag Raising on City Hall Plaza (May 17)
  • Haitian Flag Day Parade along Blue Hill Avenue through Mattapan and Dorchester (May 19)
  • Red Sox Haitian Cultural Night at Fenway Park (May 24)
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