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Happy Independence Day, Jamaica!

Jamaica is the 4th most common country of origin for Boston's foreign born population, with this city being home to more than 7,000 Jamaican residents.

Jamaican immigrants have made significant contributions to the Boston community, from the introduction of reggae to Bostonians in the 1970s leading to the city's Ska music scene to some of the best authentic Jamaican cuisine restaurants. Boston continues to foster a vibrant Jamaican community with local artists and events that celebrate the rich history and future promise of the nation and her people.

August 6th of this year marked 61 years of independence for Jamaica. In a resolution offered by Councilor Worrell, the Council recognized August 6th as Jamaican Independence Day in the City of Boston, and pledged to continue to recognize, uplift and assist in the celebration of the accomplishments of the Jamaican community within this city.

In recognition of Jamaican Independence Day, the Council and the city’s Property Management Department raised the flag of Jamaica over City Hall Plaza on August 3rd.

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