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International Jazz Day

Jazz has played a significant role in the cultural development of Boston, influencing and being integrated into the city's education, arts, and community life.

In the 1940s and 1950s, Boston thrived with well-known jazz clubs — the Hi Hat, the Wig Wam, Savoy, and Wally’s — frequented by jazz greats at the intersection of the South End and Roxbury. Wally’s is still operating today, offering live music 365 days a year.

Boston has been home to many legendary jazz musicians - such as Mal Hallett, Leo Resiman, Don Redman, Johnny Hudges, Harry Carney, Dean Earl, Slam Stewart, Roy Haynes, Alan Dawson, and so many others - and has fostered a vibrant jazz scene that contributes to the city’s reputation as a cultural hub.

International Jazz Day highlights the power of jazz as a force for enrichment and creativity, promoting expression and dialogue through musical art, spontaneity, and vitality.

During this week’s Council meeting, the Council witnessed a special performance by… A resolution was adopted recognizing Apr 30, 2024 as International Jazz Day, and the Council encourages all citizens to participate in activities and events celebrating the rich heritage of jazz music.

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