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Mayor Walsh's 2019 legislative agenda

January 10, 2019

Mayor's Office

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Mayor's Office

In January 2019, Mayor Walsh announced four legislative packages the City of Boston will be submitting to the Massachusetts Legislature: Housing Security and Economic Mobility, Environment and Transportation, Education, and Health and Public Safety.

Mayor Walsh's legislative agenda continues his administration's work to create greater opportunity for all residents, and serves all people of Massachusetts through its focus on equity and opportunity, ensuring Boston and Massachusetts' growth benefits all communities in the Commonwealth. You can learn more below:

Learn about the packages

Housing Security and Economic Mobility Legislative Agenda

This 15-bill housing security and economic mobility package promotes equity, opportunity, and resilience through preserving neighborhoods, stabilizing vulnerable households, supporting small businesses, removing barriers that keep people in poverty, providing new pathways to good jobs, and continuing to leverage Boston's prosperity to build a more inclusive and equitable city.

Learn more about Boston’s Department of Neighborhood Development and Office of Economic Development.

Environment and Transportation Legislative Agenda

This six-bill package will strengthen the Commonwealth's commitment to the goals set out in the Paris Agreement and the City's goals to be carbon neutral by 2050. Mayor Walsh's legislative agenda builds upon the work of the Administration to ensure equity, opportunity and resilience for all residents by strengthening current systems and creating new tools to adapt, mitigate and invest in local transportation and the environment.

Learn more about Boston’s Environment Department and the Transportation Department.

Education Legislative Agenda

Together with our partners in the Legislature a coalition of cities and towns, Boston is joining together in proposing one comprehensive education finance bill to reform the Commonwealth's education funding formula so that it better serves all students throughout the state. Every student in Massachusetts deserves a 21st century education and should have the opportunity to succeed, no matter their talent or challenges, family income or background.

Learn more about the Education Cabinet and Boston Public Schools.

Health and Public Safety Legislative Agenda

This 10-bill package focuses on improving health and safety outcomes for communities in Boston, and across the Commonwealth. This legislative plan works to give families the helping hand they need, and creates safer communities across the Commonwealth. Together, Boston’s health and public safety bills work to build a more resilient, equitable city and state for all.

Learn more about Boston’s Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Public Safety and Boston Police Department.