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Mayor's Office of Arts + Culture Features Exhibit of Children of the World | Boston in The Mayor's Neighborhood Gallery

The Mayor's Office of Arts + Culture will feature an exhibition of “Children of the World | Boston” by photographer Randi Freundlich ( in The Mayor’s Neighborhood Gallery on the second floor at Boston City Hall.

The exhibition will be on display until January 24, 2015.

“Children of the World | Boston” is a story, in images and words, about children of immigrant families who live in Boston. Its goal is to photograph one child, each from a different country, all living in the Boston area. In addition to the photographs, Freundlich interviews each family to learn about their story as immigrant families in the U.S. and here in Boston. As of November 2014, there are 45 countries represented.

Freundlich received a BFA in photography from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has worked as a Social Worker for 24 years. The focus of her work is with parents and families, many of whom are immigrants. “Children of the World | Boston” brings Freundlich’s personal and professional lives together.

“I live two lives as a social worker and a photographer,” said Freundlich. “Social work and making portraits have a common theme – in their essence they are both about the relationship between two people. I am succeeding when I am allowed in to the world of the family and a sacred trust is built. I meet immigrant families every day at work. I love being with children and sharing the reality of how they experience the world. I am moved by the joys and struggles of their parents who are navigating life in a new country on top of the complex challenges that all parents face. Increasingly, I walk through my own city and see the world everywhere I look.”

The series was on exhibit at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center from March 2013 to April 2014. A slideshow of images is currently included in the Dreams of Freedom exhibit at the Skywalk Observatory at the Prudential Center towers.

The Galleries at Boston City Hall are open to the public at no charge. Boston City Hall is accessible by MBTA via State Street (Orange and Blue lines) and Park Street (Green and Red lines). For additional information, call 617-635-3245, or visit

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