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More permits moved to new Boston Permits and Licenses Portal


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Fire Prevention

As of Thursday morning, September 22, 2016, the following Boston Fire Department permit applications will be moved to the new Boston Permits and Licenses Portal.

The Boston Fire Department Fire Prevention Division is pleased to announce that as of Thursday morning, September 22, 2016, the following applications for permits from the Boston Fire Department will be moving to the new Boston Permits & Licenses Portal:  

  • Application for Cutting, Welding and Other Hot Work
  • Asbestos Removal 
  • Temporary Dumpster Placement
  • Application to Bag Smoke Detectors

At the time of application all required documentation are to be submitted electronically, there is a place holder in the system for each individual document that is required.  If the required documents are not attached your application will not move forward until done.  These changes and requirements have been put in place in order to help you get your permit faster.

Over the next several months, more and more of the BFD permit application types will be made available for electronic application in the new Boston Permits and Licenses Portal.

Please feel free to contact us at 617-343-3628 if you are unclear on where to find your existing application or apply and you will be directed to the correct staff member to assist you through the transition phase.

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