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Quick tips for staying cyber secure


Paying attention to a few quick tips can make a big difference and keep you cyber secure. 

  • Cyberscams are like a cold — they spread like crazy and you are always vulnerable. You have to pay attention and take precautions in order to stay safe online.
  • Don't overshare! Only give out your information if you have initiated the contact. Never provide details when someone unexpectedly reaches out to you.
  • Be on the lookout for odd-looking links. Cyber criminals are hoping you won't notice. Remember, you are more vulnerable if you are multi-tasking or tired.
  • Always apply updates on your computer and mobile devices. Do it as soon as you see the prompt that an update is available — don't wait!
  • Never leave a default password in place. Change it immediately. A longer password is stronger. How to go long? Put together a string of three random words, for example, bradyortizkumquat.
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This post was adapted from a blog post by Margaret Taylor for