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Request for Proposals Sought to Renovate, Rebuild, and Reimagine White Stadium

Public-private partnership would deliver a new home for Boston Public Schools athletics and a better resource for students, families, and the community.

Mayor Michelle Wu today announced the release of a request for proposals (RFP) to renovate, rebuild, and reimagine White Stadium in Franklin Park. The RFP seeks to bring new resources and a new partnership to White Stadium that will realize its full potential as a hub for the Boston Public Schools (BPS) athletics program, enhance athletic offerings to BPS students, and bring significant benefits to Franklin Park and the surrounding communities.

“In a championship sports town, our young people deserve to have access to world class facilities and programs for their growth and development,” said Mayor Michelle Wu. “This renovation of White Stadium will restore it as a treasure for athletes across the state and will help make Boston the best city in the country to raise a family.” 

The City and BPS envision revitalizing White Stadium as a centerpiece of BPS athletics benefitting Boston’s students. The stadium has served as a home field for many Boston athletes and community members since it was constructed in 1945. However, White Stadium is currently in disrepair and in need of revitalization. A fire destroyed the interior of the East Grandstand, which is not usable. The West Grandstand does not meet modern accessibility and building code requirements to serve all Boston students and communities and lacks the spaces and amenities needed to be a Citywide resource for BPS athletics.

The RFP seeks a qualified partner to provide needed capital investment to make White Stadium a high-quality venue for BPS athletics and other events, along with an operational program that enhances BPS athletics, activates Franklin Park, and provides a valued and welcome resource for community stakeholders. The selected partner would receive a 10-year lease with potential renewals of the West Grandstand and the right to license the use of the field and public areas of the East Grandstand for a set number of events annually during the term of the lease. The selected respondent will bear the costs of maintaining the field in any condition required for their proposed use.

"We are excited to explore this opportunity to give BPS athletes access to state-of-the-art athletic facilities,” said BPS Superintendent Mary Skipper. “This is a chance to reimagine White Stadium as a hub for BPS Athletics, and we appreciate the City’s efforts to reimagine the incredible potential of the stadium to support our student athletes in building leadership skills on and off the field."

Given White Stadium’s importance to Franklin Park and the surrounding communities, proposals must include a narrative of the community benefits supported by the rehabilitation and redevelopment, including any benefits to the local community beyond those generated by the proposed program itself. Those seeking to submit bids to the RFP are asked to submit a preliminary transportation plan that addresses the details of how people will travel to and from the stadium for events and how they intend to mitigate parking and traffic impacts in the surrounding community. Additionally, they will be required to complete a detailed plan acceptable to the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) prior to entering any agreement. A thorough community process will take place in the coming months to ensure that the selected respondent and program benefit Franklin Park and the surrounding communities.

"White Stadium has been activated in empowering ways to uplift culture, community, and unity throughout the years,” said Chief of Community Engagement Brianna Millor. “We’ve seen this through the use of White Stadium for events ranging from the celebration of Boston’s Caribbean community to addressing the COVID-19 crisis with vaccination clinics. We look forward to engaging with community members in conversation through listening sessions to collectively reimagine White Stadium so that it remains a space in our community where everyone can take advantage of this beloved space in Franklin Park.” 

Additional information, requirements, terms and conditions, and all other related information is set forth in the RFP documents on the City's purchasing website and supplier portal. Proposals must be submitted by 4:30 p.m. on June 26, 2023.

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