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South Boston/City Point Resident Parking Seven Day Pilot Program Effective Friday, September 12

September 5, 2014


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At the request of South Boston’s elected officials, the Boston Transportation Department will be implementing a 90 day pilot program in the City Point section of South Boston effective Friday, September 12, 2014.  In accordance with the new program, the parking restrictions that are associated with the area’s Resident Parking Program will be increased from four nights a week to seven.  The pilot program is intended to increase on-street parking availability for neighborhood residents.

District Two City Councilor Bill Linehan who has proposed the new regulations said, “This is a concrete step to address one of the biggest issues impacting my constituents, a lack of parking for residents.  In addition to the Resident Parking Program expansion, I am continuing to work with the Boston Transportation Department on other measures.  We are exploring the possibility of angled parking and 50 new resident parking spaces were just recently identified in South Boston.”

The Resident Parking Program is in effect on residential streets throughout the South Boston neighborhood.  On the vast majority of these streets, the Resident Parking Only restrictions are currently in effect from 6 PM to 10 AM, beginning on Mondays at 6 PM and ending on Fridays at 10 AM.  In accordance with the pilot program, these restrictions will change to 6 PM to 10 AM every night in the area bordered as follows:

  • Farragut Road, both sides, between East First and Columbia Road
  • East First Street, both sides, between L Street and Farragut Road
  • L Street, both sides, between East First and Columbia Road
  • Columbia Road, both sides, between L Street and Farragut Road.

Vehicles without a South Boston Resident Parking Permit will be allowed to park in spaces designated for Visitor Parking for a maximum of two hours from 6 PM to 10 AM daily.

Currently, there are over 18,200 active South Boston Resident Parking Permits.  These permits are required for vehicles to be parked in on-street parking spaces designated for South Boston Resident Parking Only.  To receive a South Boston Resident Parking Permit the vehicle must be registered and principally garaged to a South Boston address.  The vehicle registration and a current utility bill, major credit card bill, or other proof of residency, bearing the same name and address as on the registration, must be presented at the Office of the Parking Clerk, Room 224 in Boston City Hall when applying for the permit.  All overdue City of Boston parking tickets must be paid before a permit will be issued.  For complete program information, please visit