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Warren House Study Report


Published by:

Landmarks Commission

The Boston Landmarks Commission has posted a study report on the proposed designation of the Warren House as a Landmark under Chapter 772 of the Acts of 1975, as amended.

The Warren House is a habitable memorial structure designed by the descendants of a nationally important historical figure, Dr. Joseph Warren. 

The Warren House is historically significant at the local, state, and national levels for its association with Dr. Joseph Warren, the first high-ranking American officer killed during the Revolutionary War at the Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775.  Several other members of the Warren family — who were either born and/or lived at this site — made unprecedented contributions to the field of medicine.  Today, counties in 14 states bear the name of Joseph Warren, as do four towns in New England.

Constructed entirely from Roxbury puddingstone, a type of stone unique to Eastern Massachusetts, the building is one of the few puddingstone cottages in the City of Boston.  It is a contemporary of the frame Gothic cottages still extant along Montrose Street in the Moreland Street Historic District of Roxbury.

Read the Warren House study report

  1. Written feedback can be provided by visiting this link: feedback form.
  2. The study report will be discussed at a public hearing on September 28, 2021. Members of the public are invited to attend this hearing and provide comments there as well. Please look for the meeting notice in the public notices section of our website. 
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