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Back Bay Architectural Commission

The Commission will hold its monthly public hearing virtually on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, at 4:30 p.m.

Please note: This hearing will be held virtually and not in person. To participate, please go to our Zoom Meeting link, or call 301-715-8592 and enter meeting ID 891 9318 9424 #. You can also email comments through email at

Public testimony begins at

Discussion Topics

  1. Violations Committee - 4:30pm

    119 Beacon Street: Unapproved deck at rear elevation.

    329 Commonwealth Avenue: Unapproved installation of HVAC units at rear deck and on top of penthouse roof.

  2. Design Review - 5:00pm

    21.0923 BB     171 Newbury Street: At rear elevation create new door opening with louver at transom, install additional exhaust louver and laundry vent, and remove an existing louver and infill with brick.

    21.0907 BB     545 Boylston Street: At rear elevation install exterior exhaust duct. WITHDRAWN BY APPLICANT

    21.0928 BB     246 Newbury Street: Refinish entry door and replace hardware, replace windows, install new storefront windows and doors, install new sunken patio with planter, modify fire balconies, repair roof, masonry and stoop, install new rubber membrane roof, and construct roof deck and access hatch. WITHDRAWN BY STAFF

    21.0929 BB     169 Newbury Street: Refinish entry door and replace hardware, replace windows, install new storefront windows and doors, install new sunken patio with planter, repair fire balconies, repair roof, masonry and stoop, install new rubber membrane roof, and construct roof deck and headhouse. WITHDRAWN BY STAFF

    21.0897 BB     361 Beacon Street: Remove Linden tree at rear yard.

    20.549 BB      400-416 Commonwealth Avenue: Replace privacy screen wall.

    21.0906 BB     301 Berkeley Street: At rear elevation enlarge two existing window openings and install egress windows.

    21.0914 BB     21 Marlborough Street: At front facade repair second story windows and replace third-story one-over-one windows with six-over-six wood windows; at rear elevation reconfigure dormer windows and install Juliet balconies.

    21.0918 BB     433 Marlborough Street: Replace all windows in-kind, restore front entry door, construct penthouse and roof deck, infill existing roof deck area at rear addition, construct two balconies and alter window openings, and install garage door opening.

    21.0536 BB     286 Commonwealth Avenue: At rear elevation construct one-story addition and alter window openings. WITHDRAWN BY APPLICANT

    20.761 BB       149-155 Newbury Street: Construction of a new, mixed-use (retail/office) building on the site of the existing surface parking lot. WITHDRAWN BY APPLICANT

  3. Administrative Review/Approval

    21.0894 BB              125 Beacon Street: Replace black rubber membrane roof in-kind, repoint four chimneys and repoint and repair parapet wall.

    21.0776 BB               172 Beacon Street: At uppermost roof install additional HVAC heat pump unit.

    21.0895 BB              242 Beacon Street: Replace nine fourth floor non-historic wood windows in-kind.

    21.0896 BB              330 Beacon Street: Waterproof northeast elevation of building.

    21.0903 BB              396 Beacon Street: Replace roof slate in-kind; replace copper gutter, flashing and roofing in-kind; replace soffit boards in-kind; and repaint wood mouldings and trim.

    21.0904 BB              441 Beacon Street: At side elevation re-point masonry.

    21.0905 BB              492 Beacon Street: Apply waterproof coating to non-historic brick veneer wall.

    21.0908 BB              224 Clarendon Street: At entrance restore stone surround and wooden panels uncovered during ongoing approved work.

    21.0909 BB              285 Clarendon Street: Repair and restore existing building envelope and replace existing flat roof and Mansard roof materials in-kind.

    21.0911 BB                36 Commonwealth Avenue: Replace seven one-over-one non-historic wood dormer windows in-kind.

    21.0910 BB               42 Commonwealth Avenue: At rear elevation replace non-historic steel door.

    21.0912 BB               233 Commonwealth Avenue: At front facade replace three six-over-six fourth-story wood windows in-kind.

    21.0913 BB               347 Commonwealth Avenue: At rear elevation replace six second-story one-over-one non-historic wood windows in-kind.

    21.0916 BB               20 Fairfield Street: At rear elevation replace two second-story one-over-one non-historic aluminum windows with wood six-over-six windows.

    21.0915 BB               119 Marlborough Street: At rear elevation replace three fourth-story one-over-one wood windows in-kind.

    21.0917 BB               344 Marlborough Street: Replace rubber membrane roof, four skylights and copper drip edge in-kind.

    21.0919 BB               1 Newbury Street: Install wall sign at storefront.

    21.0920 BB              85-91 Newbury Street: Install wall sign at storefront.

    21.0921 BB               86 Newbury Street: Replace existing wall sign.

    21.0922 BB               119 Newbury Street: Repair masonry, replace missing roof slates, replace copper gutter in-kind.

    21.0924 BB              328 Newbury Street: Replace existing wall sign and blade sign.

  4. Advisory Review

    761-793 Boylston Street: Construction of five-story rooftop addition.

  5. Review and Approval of 4-14-2021 public hearing minutes
  6. Staff Updates
  7. Projected Adjournment - 8:30pm
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