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Fort Point Channel Landmark District Commission

The Commission will hold its next monthly public hearing on Thursday, September 9, 2021, virtually at 6 p.m.

Attention: Please note that this hearing will be held virtually and not in person. To participate, please go to our Zoom meeting link or call 929-205-6099 and enter meeting id 813 8689 9333#. You can also submit written comments to staff via email at

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics

  1. Violations

    APP # 21.0754 FPC   253 SUMMER STREET

    Continued from the 6/10/2021 FPCLDC Public Hearing

    Proposed work: Ratify a patio expansion, including the installation of pavers, planters, lighting, furniture, and associated landscaping (Violation # VIO.21.009).


  2. Design Review

    APP # 22.0113 FPC         22 THOMSON PLACE

    (Continued from 8/12/2021 Hearing)

     Proposed work: Install new signage at main entrance on existing sign band


    APP # 22.0072 FPC       300 A STREET

    (Continued from 8/12/2021 Hearing)

    Proposed work: At the main roof, demolish one (1) RTU and install three (3) new RTUs.


    APP # 22.0125 FPC         12 FARNSWORTH STREET

    (Continued from 8/12/2021 Hearing)

    Proposed work: Replace existing loading dock and stairs at rear of building. At roof, repair two (2) brick head houses, install mechanical equipment, and expand existing mechanical penthouse.


    APP # 22.0271 FPC        308 CONGRESS STREET

    Proposed work: Install 2 new graphics at roof garden.


    APP # 22.0255 FPC        268 SUMMER STREET

    Proposed work: Install new blade sign and vinyl door graphic.


    APP # 22.0211 FPC         22 BOSTON WHARF ROAD

    Proposed work: Relocate existing entry door, install new metal clad canopy with non-illuminated signage

  3. Ratification of Meeting Minutes


  4. Staff Updates
  5. Projected Adjournment: 8:00 PM
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