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Boston Landmarks Commission

The Commission will hold its next public hearing virtually on Tuesday, January 25, 2022, at 4 p.m.

Please note: This hearing will be held virtually and not in person. To participate, please go to our Zoom Meeting link, or call 301-715-8592 and enter meeting ID 858 3038 2858  #. You can also email comments through email at

Discussion Topics

  1. Design Review - 4:00PM

    22.0575.0178 – South Market Building, 100 South Market Street CONTINUED FROM 12/14/2021: Exterior work including seating area with trellis and new signage. WITHDRAWN BY APPLICANT

    22.0777.0265 – Old North Church, 193 Salem Street: Renovate the open spaces on the north side of the Old North Church campus. ADA-compliant wire-cut bricks and new drainage will replace the existing sand cast pavers. The project incorporates interpretive granite paving, seat walls, plantings, movable planters, and movable furniture. Interpretive materials which will serve as an outdoor exhibit exploring the Longfellow poem Paul Revere's Ride in its abolitionist content will be developed and installed to compliment the garden design.

    22.0699.0229 – Charles River Esplanade: At 384-398 Storrow Drive replace existing light pole with a small cell facility.

     22.0778.0122 – First Church Roxbury, 10 Putnam Street: Interior work that includes: a new accessible entry in the northeast corner of the sanctuary; modification of a limited number of pews to accommodate accessible seating in the sanctuary; repair and modifications to wood trim to accommodate new mechanical systems and accessibility; plaster repair; repair of flooring; restoration and repair of pews; upgrades to mechanical, electrical systems, fire detection, and sound (the historic lighting fixtures, which date to the 1880 remodeling of the building, will be restored.  The wall sconces that are currently gas fixtures will be wired for electricity.  The notable exception is the chandelier, which will not be electrified; it will remain an unused gas fixture and be lighted from above through the ceiling fretwork.  Supplemental new lighting will be added); and restoration of the organ.

  2. Administrative Review/Approval

    22.0714.0229 Charles River Esplanade: Restore existing staircase and install stone dust path at the base of the Fanny Appleton Footbridge.

     22.0752.0265 Christian Science Church Complex– 250 Massachusetts Avenue: At the Mother Church Extension edifice restore signage on the portico.

     22.0700.0066 1-13 Union Street: At roof replace existing telecommunication equipment.

  3. Business Meeting - 6:00PM

    1. Discussion and Vote on Design Review Applications.

    The Design Review Committee will present summaries of applications and make recommendations for a vote on each agenda item discussed at the Design Review Hearing, which met earlier.

     2. Preliminary hearing re-publicized for petition #277.21 Union Street, Charlestown, MA Architectural Conservation District

     3. Preliminary hearing re-publicized for petition #274.21 Mt. Calvary Church Campus, 9-13, 15, 17 Otisfield Street, Roxbury, MA.

     4. Preliminary hearing for petition #282.21 11-13 Humphreys Street, Dorchester, MA Architectural Conservation District

     5. Preliminary hearing for petition # 281.21 37 Glendale Street, Dorchester, MA Architectural Conservation District

     6. Staff request to further extend public feedback continuances for 2021 study report hearings past Feb 2022 to May 1, 2022. 

     7. Advisory Review – 1011 Harrison Avenue – Eustis Street District and Protection Area:  Construction of a three-story building (68,000 sqft) to house the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology.

     8. Review and ratification of public hearing minutes from 1/11/2022

     9. Staff Updates

  4. Projected Adjournment - 8:30PM
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