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Boston Landmarks Commission

The Commission will hold its next public hearing virtually on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, at 4 p.m.

Please note: This hearing will be held virtually and not in person. To participate, please go to our Zoom Meeting link or call 301-715-8592 and enter meeting ID 834 0365 5777 #. You can also email comments through email at

Public testimony begins at

Discussion Topics

  1. Design Review - 4:00pm

    22.1433.0005– Boston Public Garden, Boston MA: At sidewalk along Arlington Street replace existing street light pole with DAS Node.

    22.1349.0281– 10 Melville Avenue, Dorchester MA: Renovate former Salvation Army office into a two-family house. Work includes: at rear elevation remove commercial exhaust fan hood, concrete ramp, door and window, and install new sliding doors with transoms, and enclose existing painted wood stair with new weather protective painted wood screening; and at side elevation replace third story window with egress door and install new painted steel fire balcony and spiral stair as required second means of egress from 3rd floor unit.

    23.0007.0223– Christian Science Center Complex, Boston MA: Install an elevator within the Sunday School Building (235 Huntington Avenue). The proposed elevator vestibule and elevator door opening occupies the currently exterior arched passage at the northeast corner of the building.

    23.0112.0265 – Old North Church, 193 Salem Street, Boston: Build an accessibility ramp that bypasses the steps along the Freedom Trail at the Old North Church campus. The ramp will begin at the top of the current set of stairs southwest of the building, cut through one of Old North Church's gardens, connect to the rear door of the 1715 Clough House, and end with a connection to city property.

    22.1280.0214 – Blessed Sacrament Church – 361 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, MA: Proposed adaptive reuse of the Blessed Sacrament Church that will create 55 new affordable and workforce apartments. Project also includes a 250+ capacity multipurpose community space and exterior landscaped spaces for community use.

  2. Administrative Review/Approval

    23.0072.0187 Loring-Greenough House – 12 South Street, Jamaica Plain, MA: Archaeological survey of summer kitchen basement and portions of the south lawn

    22.1281.0181 Old Corner Bookstore, 7 School Street, Boston, MA: At School Street façade install blade sign.

    23.0095.0268 Old South Meeting House, 310 Washington Street, Boston, MA: Restore and re-paint three sets of double entrance doors.

    23.0103.0272 42-44 Shirley Street – Shirley-Eustis Place, Roxbury, MA: Archaeological survey of yard.

  3. Business Hearing - 6:00pm

    1. Discussion and Vote on Design Review Applications.

    The Design Review Committee will present summaries of applications and make recommendations for a vote on each agenda item discussed at the Design Review Hearing, which met earlier.

    2. Demolition Delay Hearing: 1 Elmwood Street, Roxbury, MA

    Application # 22.1157D2955

    Applicant: Minkoo Kang - Placetailor

    Review of proposed demolition of the existing mixed-use building at 1 Elmwood Street, Roxbury, MA. WITHDRAWN BY STAFF

    3. Public hearing and comment on #274.21 Mt. Calvary Holy Church / Congregation Shara Tfilo Synagogue Campus (9-19 Otisfield Street) Roxbury, MA Study Report.

    4.   BLC vote on Charlotte Street – Esmond Street Historic District National Register nomination.

    5. Advisory Review – 63 Beech Glen Street, Highland Park Architectural Conservation DistrictRenovation and addition of an existing detached single family house to be converted to a two family house.

    6. Review and ratification of public hearing minutes from 8-9-2022.

    7. Staff Updates

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