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Virtual Tree Removal Hearing: Mattapan

In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 87, the Boston Parks and Recreation Department will hold a virtual public hearing on a request to remove four public shade trees in Mattapan.

Public testimony begins at

Discussion Topics

  1. Agenda

    The hearing will be held on a request for the removal of four trees along Cummins Highway due to conflicts with proposed pedestrian sidewalk and bike path locations as part of the Cummins Highway reconstruction project being undertaken by the Boston Public Works Department between Fairway and Harvard Streets in Mattapan. 

    The proposed locations include one red maple tree measuring 3 inches dbh (diameter at breast height) at 548 Cummins Highway, one pin oak tree measuring 6 inches dbh at 622 Cummins Highway, one elm tree measuring 3 inches dbh at 662 Cummins Highway, and one honey locust tree measuring 6 inches dbh at 754 Cummins Highway. 

    The hearing will be held by the City of Boston’s Tree Warden (or designee). Please note that the hearing will be held virtually via ZOOM. Written comments or questions may be submitted to prior to the hearing. The information for the ZOOM hearing is as follows:

    Join the Zoom meeting

    Public testimony will be taken or may be provided prior to the hearing in writing to the Tree Warden, Boston Parks and Recreation Department, 1010 Massachusetts Avenue, 3rd floor, Roxbury, MA 02118, or by emailing with “Cummins Highway Tree Hearing” in the subject line.

    A final decision regarding the request will be made within two weeks of the hearing.  For further information, please contact the Tree Warden at 617-635-7275.

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