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Public Facilities Commission Meeting (MOH)

The presenter is the Mayor's Office of Housing.


On March 29, 2023 Governor Healy approved an extension to remote and hybrid meeting options for public bodies established under Former Governor Baker's Executive Order of March 12, 2020 Suspending Certain Provisions of the Open Meeting Law through March 31, 2025. The Public Facilities Commission (PFC) will continue to conduct its meetings virtually. This enables the PFC to conduct its usual business while adhering to public health recommendations and ensuring public access to its deliberations through adequate, alternative means.

You can watch these virtual meetings on Boston City TV at Xfinity channel 24, RCN channel 13, Fios channel 962, and livestreaming on our website.

These practices in effect since May 11, 2020, will remain in effect until further notice. Updates to these practices will be posted as appropriate.

Discussion Topics

  1. VOTE 1: Christine McCrorey, Assistant Director, Boston Home Center
    To Accept and Expend a Grant from the Division of Banks: To implement foreclosure prevention counseling services.
    Grant Amount: $225,000
    WHEREAS, the Division of Banks has awarded a grant to the City of Boston’s Mayor’s Office of Housing, acting by and through the Public Facilities Commission, in an amount not to exceed Two Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars ($225,000) to implement foreclosure prevention counseling services; and
    WHEREAS, the duration of services will be through December 31, 2023; and
    WHEREAS, the Public Facilities Commission, by virtue of the authority contained in Section(3)(f)(i) of Chapter 642 of the Acts of 1966 has the power and authority to accept grants, gifts and other aid from the Federal Government or any agency thereof, the Commonwealth or any agency or authority thereof, or any charitable foundation, private corporation or individual, and to expend the same without appropriation; and
    WHEREAS, the Public Facilities Commission, by virtue of the requirements contained in Section (3)(f)(ii) of Chapter 642 of the Acts of 1966 has the authority to delegate any of its powers or functions to any other department or officer of the City of Boston and such officer or department is authorized and directed to accept such delegation and exercise the power and
    perform the function so delegated; and
    WHEREAS, the Public Facilities Commission, by virtue of the requirements contained in Section (3)(f)(v) of Chapter 642, of the Acts of 1966, has the power and authority to make and execute all contracts and instruments necessary or convenient for the exercise and fulfillment of the Commission’s powers, duties and responsibilities pursuant to this act; and
    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT VOTED: That the Director of the Mayor’s Office of Housing be, and hereby is, authorized to accept the above referenced grant and expend such funds, without further appropriation for the aforementioned purposes.
  2. VOTE 2: Julio Pilier, Development Officer, Neighborhood Housing Development Division
    Conveyance to E-Plus Highland LLC: Vacant land located at 273, 275, 277, 279, 281-281A, 283, and 287 Highland Street, Roxbury. 
    Purchase Price: $700
    Ward: 11 
    Parcel Numbers: 00840000, 00841000, 00842000, 00843000, 00844000, 00845000, and 00846000 
    Square Feet: 16,354 (total) 
    Future Use: New Construction - Housing 
    Estimated Total Development Cost: $15,144,116 
    Assessed Value Fiscal Year 2023: $316,800 (total) 
    Appraised Value March 19, 2023: $1,500,000 (total) 
    MOH Program: Neighborhood Housing 
    RFP Issuance Date: November 13, 2017
    That, having duly advertised its intent to sell to E-Plus Highland LLC, a Massachusetts limited liability company, with an address of 179 Boylston Street, Building P, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, the vacant land located at:
    273 Highland Street, Ward: 11, Parcel: 00840000, Square Feet: 3,747
    275 Highland Street, Ward: 11, Parcel: 00841000, Square Feet: 1,592 
    277 Highland Street, Ward: 11, Parcel: 00842000, Square Feet: 1,592
    279 Highland Street, Ward: 11, Parcel: 00843000, Square Feet: 1,708
    281-281A Highland Street, Ward: 11, Parcel: 00844000, Square Feet: 1,629
    283 Highland Street, Ward: 11, Parcel: 00845000, Square Feet: 1,640
    287 Highland Street, Ward: 11, Parcel: 00846000, Square Feet: 4,446 
    in the Roxbury District of the City of Boston containing approximately 16,354 total square feet of land for two consecutive weeks (January 7, 2019 and January 14, 2019) in accordance with the provisions of St. 1909, c.486, § 31B (as appearing in St. 1966, c.642, § 12), the Public Facilities Commission, pursuant to its votes of October 24, 2018 and, thereafter, amended on October 30, 2019, October 20, 2021, and October 19, 2022, and subsequent approval by the Mayor, does hereby vote to sell the aforementioned properties to E-Plus Highland LLC; and
    FURTHER VOTED: the Director be, and hereby is, authorized to deliver an instrument conveying said properties to E-Plus Highland LLC in consideration of Seven Hundred Dollars ($700).
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