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Aberdeen Architectural Conservation District

The Aberdeen Architectural Conservation District Commission will hold its monthly public meeting on Thursday, November 9, 2023, at 4 p.m.

ATTENTION: This hearing will only be held virtually and NOT in person. You can participate in this hearing by going to our online meeting link or calling 1-929-205-6099 and entering meeting id # 958 5074 7738. You can also submit written comments or questions to

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics

  1. Administrative Review

    APP # 24.0432 AB 2025 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE: Restore front door and molding in kind.

    APP # 24.0381 AB 97 KILSYTH ROAD: Replace rear porches in kind, same size, style and material.

    APP # 24.0363 AB 75 STRATHMORE ROAD: At front portico, install new EPDM Rubber roof and 3” edge dark bronze aluminum.

    APP # 24.0392 AB 21 SUTHERLAND ROAD: Replace four column tops in kind. Kemper waterproofing systems with regulated flashing sealed with caulking, washing and painting in kind.

  2. Ratification of 10/12/2023 Public Hearing Minutes
  3. Annual Vote for Chair & Vice Chair
  4. Staff Updates
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