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Back Bay Architectural Commission

The commission will hold its next monthly public hearing on Wednesday, December 13, 2023, at 5 p.m.

Please note: This hearing will be held virtually and not in person. To participate, please go to our Zoom meeting link or call 301-715-8592 and enter meeting ID  937 9671 4856 #. You can also email comments through email at

Public testimony begins at

Discussion Topics

  1. Design Review - 5 p.m.

    24.0505 BB 815 Boylston Street: At front of building install crash rated bollards.

    24.0425 BB 331 Newbury Street: At rear elevation install EV charging station.

    24.0509 BB 12 Fairfield Street: At side (east) elevation install kitchen exhaust vent.

    24.0495 BB 254 Commonwealth Avenue: At roof extend footprint of existing roof deck, replace existing penthouse window with sliding door, remove existing visible large HVAC condenser and replace with two smaller HVAC non-visible condensers, add new swinging door to penthouse (not visible from a public way, and remove existing skylight (not visible from a public way).

    24.0233 BB 131 Commonwealth Avenue: Continued from 11-8-2023: At rear elevation remove existing concrete and asphalt paving, slot drain and fencing, regrade for positive pitch  away from building, provide new trench drain and new brick paving with granite curbing, install a new brick low wall where fence is removed abutting neighbor's parking, and at third floor lower existing deck, lower door sill and replace door and install new decking and railing; and at roof relocate heat pump location and install screening enclosure to match existing headhouse, install new windows and flat skylight at headhouse, install new walkable skylight at existing location, and install outdoor grill area, gas fireplace and surround, and  new IPE wood decking.

  2. Administrative Review/Approval

    24.0492 BB 5 Arlington Street: Replace six fifth-story wood windows in-kind.

    24.0486 BB 4-5 Arlington Street: At rear elevation repair masonry and fire escape.

    24.0525 BB 250 Beacon Street: At front façade replace eleven tenth-story six-over-six non-original windows with wood six-over-six windows.

    24.0215 BB 399 Boylston Street: Repair gutter system.

    24.0445 BB 699 Boylston Street: At front façade replace existing signage.

    24.0431 BB 907 Boylston Street: Repair sidewalk at front of building.

    24.0525 BB 4 Charlesgate East: At front façade repair and repoint masonry, install flashing, restore copper window bays, and replace sealants.

    24.0427 BB 224 Clarendon Street: At Newbury Street elevation repair existing fire escape.

    24.0523 BB 203-205 Commonwealth Avenue: At rear elevation repair fire escape.

    24.0467 BB 233 Commonwealth Avenue: At front façade replace four third story-wood windows in-kind.

    24.0488 BB 303 Commonwealth Avenue: At front façade entry steps to lower level replace concrete risers and treads with granite.

    24.0452 BB 389 Commonwealth Avenue: Repoint and repair masonry, install new copper gutter, and replace black rubber membrane roof in-kind.

    24.0453 BB 413-415 & 419 Commonwealth Avenue: At front façade repaint entry doors and replace brass kickplates in-kind.

    24.0441 BB 33 Gloucester Street: Replace copper gutter, downspout and roof slate in-kind.

    24.0516 BB 2 Marlborough Street: At roof replace black rubber membrane roof in-kind and install new copper gutter.

    24.0428 BB 105 Marlborough Street: At rear elevation repair existing fire escape.

    24.0500 BB 287 Marlborough Street: Replace five third-story one-over-one wood windows in-kind.

    24.0444 BB 302 Marlborough Street: At front façade repair existing fire escape.

    24.0501 BB; 24.0502 BB & 24.0503 BB 29, 31, 33 and 35 Newbury Street: Replace entry doors at 31, 33 and 35 Newbury Street; replace handrail, new granite treads and pavers at 29 and 31 Newbury Street entry; paint existing storefront window frames and base black at 31 and 33 Newbury Street; remove canopy and sloping metal wall, patch stucco and paint at 33 Newbury Street stoop; and remove pedestal and intercom at 35 Newbury Street.

    24.0496 BB 149 Newbury Street: At rear elevation install mechanical louver at second-story window.

    24.0434 BB 274 Newbury Street: At front façade repoint and clean masonry.

    24.0493 BB 349 Newbury Street: At front façade repaint storefront, beams and install blade sign.

  3. Review of Public Hearing Minutes
  4. Ratification of 11/8/2023 Public Hearing Minutes
  5. Staff updates
  6. Projected Adjournment 6:30 p.m.
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