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Boston Zoning Commission Meeting

The Boston Zoning Commission will meet on February 28 at 9 a.m.

Attention: This meeting will only be held virtually and not in person. You can participate in this meeting by going to our online meeting. You may also submit written comments or questions to

Discussion Topics

  1. 9:00 AM

    Map Amendment Application No. 774

    Development Plan for Planned Development Area No. 148

    287 Western Avenue, Allston

    Map 7A/7B/7C/7D and 7B/7D

  2. 9:15 AM

    6th Amendment to Planned Development Area No. 37, Prudential Center Redevelopment

  3. 9:30 AM

    Map Amendment Application No. 775

    Development Plan for Planned Development Area No. 149

    103 North Beacon Street, Brighton

    Map 7A/7B/7C/7D

  4. 9:45 AM

    Development Plan for Phase 1A, 495 Dorchester Avenue, South Boston, within Planned Development Area No. 144, On The Dot

  5. 10:00 AM

    Director's Update

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