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Boston Cannabis Board Public Meeting

You are hereby notified that the Boston Cannabis Board (the “BCB'') will hold a virtual public hearing on Wednesday, April 10, 2024, at 1 p.m. This will be both a transactional and voting hearing.


  • Meeting ID: 845 6892 7069
  • Passcode: 519345
  • Dial In Phone Number: 646-876-9923

Members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend. The BCB will accept testimony regarding each agenda item. Testimony will be limited to two (2) minutes and any additional testimony may be submitted in writing to If you wish to testify please sign up online. 

Notice of Accommodations:

Interpretation, translation, and disability accommodation services are available to you at no cost. If you need them, please contact us at or 617-635-2381. View the notice. This hearing will be held virtually, pursuant to Chapter 2 of the Acts of 2023, further extending modifications to the Open Meeting Law (M.G.L. ch. 30A s. 20). The BCB reserves the right to amend the agenda pursuant to applicable Open Meeting Law and Public Notice requirements.  Please contact the BCB at 617-635-2330 or with any questions or to request an interpreter.

Discussion Topics

  1. Stone’s Throw Cannabis LLC (“Firebrand Cannabis”)

    Licensed Premise: 727 Atlantic Avenue, Chinatown/Leather District

    License Type: Retail Recreational Cannabis Dispensary & Courier License 

    Request: The Licensee is applying for a change of ownership interest by adding investors to acquire various percentages of ownership of Stone’s Throw Cannabis LLC. The requested changes will not change the Licensee’s equity status. 

  2. Old and New Business

    HVV Massachusetts, Inc. d/b/a Happy Valley, 220 William F. McClellan Hwy East Boston, MA 02128 has applied for a one day extension of hours on April 19th & 20th. The Applicant is requesting to open at 8:00am. as opposed to their 10:00a.m. opening time and to close at 10:00p.m as opposed to their 9:00p.m.

    Mayflower Medicinals Inc. d/b/a Mayflower, 230 Harvard Avenue Allston, MA 02134 has applied for a one day extension of hours on April 20th. The Applicant is requesting to open at 8:00am. as opposed to their 9:00a.m. opening time.

    Licensee: Community Growth Partners Boston, LLC (“Rebelle”) Licensed Premise: 591 Albany Street, Roxbury 

    License Type: Co-located Medical and Recreational Cannabis Dispensary License The BCB is in receipt of correspondence from the Licensee stating that they will cease operations as a medical treatment center at this location. The Licensee will continue to operate as a marijuana retailer only at this time.

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