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Boston Artists-in-Residence (AIR)

Artists in our residency program contribute to City government and local communities.

In the program, artists, community members, and City employees work on projects that help reframe social conversations. These artists explore the ways they can use art and media to improve and bolster City initiatives. They also search for ways to make artistic social practice a part of government and community work.

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About the program

We picked seven artists for the third year of the Boston AIR program, which will explore resilience and racial equity in Boston. These artists will:

  • explore the ways art can be incorporated into City of Boston work
  • have the chance to exchange ideas and co-design civic practice proposals, and 
  • be a member of a diverse artist cohort.

The City of Boston is proud to announce the third year of artists selected for the Boston AIR program. 

"We are excited to have artists-in-residence on board to help us enhance and integrate our cultural capital into our core City services, for the benefit of all of Boston's residents." — Mayor Walsh

Watch: A look at three years of Boston AIR