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Data Analytics and Epidemiology for Health of Boston

At the Boston Public Health Commission, the Center for Public Health Science, Technology, and Innovation (“SciTech ”) utilizes up-to-date and comprehensive data along with state-of-the-art methodology, digital assets, and tools to deliver timely, accurate, and community-responsive public health information and resources to local, state and federal stakeholders for evidence-based decision-making and implementation of interventions while continually evaluating the quality and impact of processes and products for improved public health and racial equity outcomes. 

SciTech is seeking a contractor with expertise in public health surveillance, health data analytics, and social epidemiology to provide analytic services including the production of HoB reports specifically related to maternal and child health, violence, demographics, social determinants, community assets, infectious diseases, and environmental health by acquiring (where necessary) and analyzing data from new and existing sources and generating HoB reports.  

*Revised Timeline 

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