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Emergency Solutions Grant



REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) CARES Act Allocation Funding for Homeless Service Provider Agencies

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Allison Singer
(617) 635-0330

The City of Boston Department of Neighborhood Development (DND) hereby invites proposals from qualified homeless services agencies for up to $5 million in Emergency Solutions Grant CARES Act (ESG-CV) funding to assist with responding to the COVID-19 public health crisis. Awarded funding can pay for COVID-related activities regardless of date incurred. All funding awarded must be expended no later than September 30, 2022 or another date as determined by DND. Only non-profit organizations and units of local government that support communities, families, and individuals in the City of Boston who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness are eligible to apply.

The City’s overarching goal for this funding is to preserve life and health through investments that will help prevent the further spread of COVID in homeless populations and promote system transformation to address overcrowding in light of this public health crisis. The City aspires to split the allocation of $5 million between activities that are crucial to preserving life and health and forward-looking activities that build a stronger, healthier, more effective homeless response system in Boston. To that end, in addition to funding activities that reimburse providers for expenses related to the current COVID-19 response, the City is interested in proposals for rapid rehousing that can be quickly implemented to help clients exit congregate and non-congregate shelter sites to housing. 

If, as expected, the City receives a second allocation of ESG CARES Act funding, DND will issue an addendum to this Request for Proposals to solicit additional proposals and to articulate priorities for the second round of funds. The addendum may broaden the ESG-eligible activities available for reimbursement through this RFP, assuming activities that preserve life and health in Boston’s shelter system and those that support a rapid rehousing strategy are sufficiently funded. Any changes to the RFP will be posted as an addendum to the RFP through the City’s supplier portal ( 

The Request for Proposals (“RFP”) package will be available beginning May 12, 2020 from the City’s purchasing website, Supplier Portal (, the City’s online process for purchasing, bidding, contracting, vendor registration and payment. To access details for this specific Event, or to respond through electronic format, please visit the City of Boston Supplier Portal and access Event #EV00008027. Completed proposals must be submitted via the Supplier Portal before 4:00 PM, September 30, 2020. Submitting prior to the deadline is encouraged. Proposals will be reviewed approximately once a week. Applications will close when all funding is awarded.
PLEASE NOTE: In order to participate in these online procurement activities Applicants must register with the Supplier Portal at First-Time Vendors, i.e., those who have never contracted with the City or, if so, not for many years, will need login credentials. Instructions can be found at

Sheila A. Dillon, Chief of Housing and Director of Neighborhood Development


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