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Boston Cannabis Board

Boston's newly-created Cannabis Board will strengthen the City's focus on equity in the new cannabis industry.

In November 2019, the Mayor's Office signed an Ordinance Establishing Equitable Regulation of the Cannabis Industry in the City of Boston. This ordinance was the result of a collaboration from many stakeholders. The ordinance ensures Boston is a model for how to create a system that fosters racial equity and inclusion in the new cannabis industry. Our goal is to bring the benefit of this industry to all Boston communities. 

As part of the ordinance, the Boston Cannabis Board was established. This independent board is charged with reviewing all applicants for a cannabis license.

Cannabis Board Information

The Cannabis Board grants and regulates various types of cannabis licenses in Boston.

Cannabis Board information

Hearing Information

Cannabis Board Hearings

Cannabis Board hearings are typically held during the second and third week of the month at 1 p.m. You may contact the Board to verify the upcoming hearing dates at

  • Transactional (application) hearings: Wednesdays
  • Voting hearings: Following Wednesday after the transactional hearing 

Cannabis Board Hearing Dates

August 10 (Transactional)
August 17 (Voting)
September 14 (Transactional)
September 21 (Voting)
October 12 (Transactional)
October 19 (Voting)
November 9 (Transactional)
November 16 (Voting)

December 7 (Transactional)
December 14 (Voting)
January 18, 2023 (Transactional)
January 25 (Voting)
February 8 (Transactional)
February 15 (Voting)
March 15 (Transactional)
March 22 (Voting)

Host Community Agreements

Host Community Agreements
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