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Cannabis Equity Program

We provide funding and technical assistance to certified equity applicants and licensees.

The Boston Cannabis Equity Program was created through the Ordinance Establishing the Equitable Regulation of the Cannabis Industry in the City of Boston.

We provide funding and technical help to certified equity applicants and licensees from backgrounds and neighborhoods most affected by the War on Drugs. We're particularly focused on people of:

  • Black and African American
  • Hispanic and Latino
  • Asian, and
  • Indigenous descent.

Program information

Boston Equity Fund

We offer financing to certified equity applicants and licensees for a wide range of purposes. These include:

  • working capital
  • startup costs and build out
  • equipment purchases, and
  • rent.

Please note: No purchases of product or paraphernalia may be made with grant funds.

Equity Fund application

Technical Assistance (TA) Program

We offer many consulting services to certified equity applicants and licensees. These include:

  • support through the application process
  • development of business plans, accounting, and tax preparedness
  • help with legal compliance, and
  • marketing, branding, and website support

Are you a qualified industry expert? You can become a TA provider for this program by responding to the public Request for Proposals (RFP) at the City's Supplier Portal (EV00009089).

All prospective TA providers are encouraged to attend a live applicant conference session. There, you can address questions related to the RFP. These sessions will be held quarterly, via Zoom. They will occur in person pending updated COVID-19 public health restrictions at:

1 City Hall Square
Boston, MA 02201

You can register for a conference and view upcoming dates online.

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