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Boston Human Rights Commission

The Boston Human Rights Commission works to ensure full and equal access to public services and accommodations.

The Commission receives and investigates complaints of discrimination relating to the workplace, housing, credit, education, public accommodations and other areas. The Commission then investigates these complaints, resolves cases through mediation and adjudicatory hearings, and advocates in support of human rights issues in partnership with state and federal agencies. 

Contact Information
If you have questions, please email or call:
Evandro Carvalho

Commission Info

Health and Human Services
Total Seats:

Current members

Member Appointed Expires Status
Benjamin Goldberger 12/16/2019 12/1/2021 Active
Leonard Lee, M 12/16/2019 12/1/2020 Active
Leslie Harris 12/16/2019 12/1/2022 Active
Reyes Coll-Tellechea 12/16/2019 12/1/2020 Active
Anne Rousseau 12/16/2019 12/1/2021 Active
Margaret McKenna 12/16/2019 12/1/2022 Active
Robert MacEachern 12/16/2019 12/1/2020 Active