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Boston permits and licenses

You can apply for, pay, and print select City of Boston permits and licenses online.

The online option saves you time. Instead of visiting us at 1010 Massachusetts Avenue, you can apply online and even print out your permit when it has been approved. To get an idea of what you can apply for online, check out our list of permits below.

Fire Prevention portal

Inspectional Services portal

Have you used our portal before? You can activate your old account online. Just follow the links above and reset your password so you can get into the portal and see your previous applications. You must know your email or username for your previous account.

Permits and licenses available online

Permits and licenses online
  • Asbestos Removal Application
  • Application to Bag Smoke Detectors
  • Construction Fire Safety
  • Hot Work
  • Installation or Alteration Application (Fire Alarm)
  • Place of Assembly
  • Temporary Place of Assembly
  • Application for Alteration, Installation, Maintain Fire Extinguishing System (Sprinkler)
  • Self Service Fuel
  • Temporary Dumpster Application
  • Tent with Assembly
  • Long Form/ Alteration Permit/ Change of Occupancy
  • Amendment to a Long Form
  • Electrical Fire Alarms
  • Electrical Low Voltage
  • Electrical Permit
  • Electrical Temporary Service
  • Erect or New Construction
  • Gas Permit
  • Plumbing Permit
  • Short Form Building Permit
  • Use of Premises
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