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Last updated: 9/9/16

2nd annual Dr. Umar Johnson '3 Kingz Reloaded' conference

Dr. Umar Johnson is returning to the City of Boston for his first community power lecture since 2014.

The most requested black scholar in the world will be coming to educate, motivate and organize the black community of New England towards a more effective program of black empowerment. Dr. Johnson is coming off yet another classic interview at Revolt TV's Breakfast Club, the successful completion of his 1st Annual Black College and Consciousness Tour for 11 through 17-year-old youths this past July, as well as another history-making Pan-Afrikan group tour to Senegal and South Afrika.

Black America's number 1 school pychologist is ready to return to the state of Massachusetts with a message of Pan-Afrikan Solidarity and Redemption.

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