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Back Bay Architectural Commission

The Back Bay Architectural Commission's monthly public hearing



Application 17.217 BB        209 Newbury Street

                                            Applicant: Guy Grassi (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Install two chimney caps on existing chimneys and roof top mechanical equipment including: two heat pumps; six kitchen exhaust vents; six dryer exhaust vents; one water heater flue; and one bathroom exhaust vent.


6:00 PM                                         

Application 17.218 BB        198 Commonwealth Avenue

                                                Applicant: Guy Grassi (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Expand existing roof deck, replace four existing condensers with five heat pumps, and add cabinets, gas grill, fire bowl and planters.

 Application 17.264 BB        486 Beacon Street

                                           Applicant: Evan Plomaritis

                                           Proposed Work: Construct penthouse addition and roof deck.

Application 17.250 BB        413-415 Commonwealth Avenue

                                          Applicant: Henry Hamad (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Installation of fireplace exhaust vent at the first story of the rear elevation.

Application 17.257 BB        90 Commonwealth Avenue

                                          Applicant: Gordon and Susan Richardson (Owners)

Proposed Work: Installation of HVAC condenser unit at existing east-facing window opening at seventh floor of side elevation.

Application 17.261 BB        42 Commonwealth Avenue

                                          Applicant: Jeff Schranghamer (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Installation of fireplace exhaust vent at second story rear elevation.

Application 17.182 BB        117 Commonweath Avenue

                                          Applicant: Anita and Josh Bekenstein (Owners)

Proposed Work: Installation of a louver air in-take vent at the second story side elevation of the rear ell.

       Application 17.212 BB       122 Beacon Street

                                                Applicant: Daniel Kim (Owner)

Proposed Work: Extend existing shelf at rear elevation and install additional air-conditioning condenser and vibration-dampening pads; repair existing bollards; replace existing aluminum vent with copper vent; and repair wall pipe.

Application 17.266 BB      6 Arlington Street

                                         Applicant: Peter Makrauer (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Replace existing rooftop boiler with two boilers located within a rooftop enclosure clad in copper.

Application 17.175 BB      229 Beacon Street

                                         Applicant: Joseph Gauquier (Property Manager)

Proposed Work: Remove diseased dogwood tree and all existing plantings at front garden, plant boxwood hedge, install pea stone, black steel edging and urn.

Application 17.253 BB      286 Marlborough Street

                                         Applicant: Mark Armstrong (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Replace existing front and side railings at roof deck with code compliant railings.

Application 17.267 BB      241 Beacon Street

                                         Applicant: Lindsey Anderson and Garfield Miller (Owners)

Proposed Work: Convert existing window into a door at third story of rear elevation, and construct new painted steel balcony to replace existing fire balcony.

Application 17.119 BB      352 Marlborough Street

                                         Applicant: Joe Holland (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Remove three existing trees at the rear yard to install groundwater recharge system.


Application 17.207 BB              124 Beacon Street: Replace two existing two-over-two, double-hung wood windows in-kind at the third story of the rear elevation.

Application 17.113 BB              127 Beacon Street: Replace existing non-historic, wood arched six-light window at lower level of front façade with wood, arched four-light window.

Application 17.220 BB              223 Beacon Street: Replace six non-historic one-over-one, wood windows in-kind at the fourth and fifth floor of the front façade and fifth floor of the rear elevation.

Application 17.264 BB              520 Beacon Street: Repair and re-paint black existing fire escape at rear elevation.

Application 17.248 BB              10 Charlesgate East: Replace in-kind four non-historic, wood, one-over-one windows at patio level of rear elevation.

Application 17.210 BB              263 Clarendon Street: Remove and replace in-kind slate at mansard roof; remove and replace in-kind copper gutters; replace deteriorated wood at dormers in-kind and paint black; install new rubber roofing on all dormers; and re-point masonry at all elevations with a Type N mortar.

Application 17.260 BB              21 Commonwealth Avenue: At front façade repair deteriorated sandstone with a cementicious stucco tinted to match the color of the existing sandstone; replace deteriorated wood elements in-kind at the cornice; and re-paint metal railing and entry door black.

Application 17.209 BB              175 Commonwealth Avenue: Re-paint existing iron fence black at front façade, and refinish existing front entry doors.

Application 17.258 BB              197 Commonwealth Avenue Rear Former Stable: Replace all existing non-historic window sash with two-over-two wood sash at rear and side elevations; replace all existing non-historic window sash at front façade with nine-over-one wood sash at large openings, and two-over-two wood sash at small openings; strip paint and re-point masonry at all elevations; install new slate at all roof slopes; and replace existing concrete sidewalk at alley with brick pavers.

Application 17.184 BB              226 Commonwealth Avenue: Replace two wood one-over-one windows and one non-historic door in-kind at third story of rear elevation.

Application 17.181 BB              296 Commonwealth Avenue: Replace existing wood decking at roof deck in-kind, and remove, re-paint and re-install existing black wrought iron railing.

Application 17.211 BB              366 Commonwealth Avenue: Replace four non-historic, wood, one-over-one windows in-kind at the second floor of the front facade and side elevation.

Application 17.206 BB              409 Commonwealth Avenue: Install two cast metal wall mounted light fixtures at front entry, and install black iron gate at rear entrance.

Application 17.114 BB              1 Fairfield Street: Re-point masonry at front, side and rear elevations with mortar matching the composition, color, texture and tooling of the surrounding mortar.

Application 17.215 BB              110 Marlborough Street: Replace two non-historic, wood one-over-one windows in-kind at the fourth floor of the rear elevation.

Application 17.180 BB              364 Marlborough Street: Re-point masonry at front façade with mortar matching the color and composition of the existing mortar.

Application 17.219 BB              397 Marlborough Street: Replace existing black rubber roofing in-kind at main house and rear second story addition, and install new copper gutters and downspouts.

Application 17.255 BB              105 Newbury Street: Recover existing awning with Sunbrella Charcoal Grey fabric and white lettering identifying the property’s address.

Application 17.256 BB              127-129 Newbury Street: Paint existing aluminum entry door Benjamin Moore Paint’s “Midnight”.

Application 17.249 BB              252 Newbury Street: Install aluminum sign with halo-lit letters below first story bay windows at front façade.

Application 17.269 BB              314 Newbury Street: Install new metal blade sign on existing bracket and three window signs at first story front façade.

Application 17.208 BB              320 Newbury Street: Remove spalling cement at east and south elevations and patch with cement patching material matching the color and texture of the existing cement.


IV. ADVISORY REVIEW:            197 Commonwealth Avenue

Proposed Work: Exterior renovations to former stable.



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