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Last updated: 11/7/16

Franklin Park community meeting

We're holding a meeting about ongoing updates to entrances and pathways.

You are invited to an update about improvements to Franklin Park entrances and pathways between Seaver Street and Playstead Road Williams Street, to Ellicott Arch Seaver Street and Walnut Avenue.


Boston Parks and Recreation Department and the Franklin Park community worked together in 2012 and 2014 to set priorities for the care of and improvements to pathways in Franklin Park. The design process is beginning for the next phase of work. This includes work:

  • between Seaver Street and Playstead Road
  • on the pathway between Williams Street and Ellicott Arch, and
  • on the Seaver Street and Walnut Avenue intersection and edge.

Lauren Bryant with Boston Parks and Recreation Department will run this meeting and update the community on progress to date, the current construction work, and upcoming phases. Kevin Beutell, a Landscape Architect with Stantec, will present alternatives for the current round of pathway improvement designs.

Following this presentation, community members will be invited to offer their input regarding these alternatives.