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Last updated: 4/9/18

The house at Lobster Cove

Learn about the hidden life of George Nixon Black.

Historic New England and the History Project welcome author Jane Goodrich for a special talk on this elusive Boston bachelor and the two great loves of his life: Frank Crowninshield, a Boston blueblood, and Charles Brooks Pitman.

Discover how Black managed to live a successful life for which 19th century society had no template. Learn more about Kragsyde, the house that sheltered and shaped him, and continued to tell his story long after both were gone. The life of George Nixon Black was exceptional for a gay man in the 19th century. While Black was probably content to slip unnoticed into history, Kragsyde, his 1883 house in Manchester-by-the-Sea, had no such fate. Now demolished, it was adored by architects and scholars, and appeared in many publications from the time it was built.