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Paint and motor oil drop-off

From May through August, Public Works hosts swap shops for surplus paint products and drop-offs for used motor oil. We don’t take paint or motor oil from businesses.

The events take place on Saturdays in four Boston neighborhoods and are only open to City residents.

  • We don’t take paint and motor oil from businesses.
  • We won’t take paints, stains, varnishes, and thinners that aren’t in original containers.
  • Containers need to have labels that we can read.
  • The most that you can give us is 20 containers.
  • We don’t take aerosol paint cans.
  • You need to show us proof of your Boston residency.

recycling paint and motor oil

August 20, 2022
2022-08-20T09:00:00 - 2022-08-20T13:00:00
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